i ran for her

Several months back, I got myself in trouble. Well, at the time I probably wasn’t in trouble but now that several months have passed, I’m feeling like I’m in trouble. See, a couple of my mom friends are uber-crazy runner people. And I don’t use terms like ‘uber-crazy’ lightly. We’re all ‘friends’ on Fitbit and when I compare my weekly step count to theirs, well … let’s just say I feel like a lahoo-saher. And then I don’t want to be ‘friends’ with them anymore. Yet, I continue to wear my Fitbit so I can dream about keeping up. Continue reading

dancing in the rain

There’s a quote I’ve seen shared numerous times over the past few years … to the point that I wonder if it’s become cliche.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”Vivian Greene


But on days like today, when we’re in the midst of vacation in a normally beautiful locale and periods of driving rain, it feels appropriate because goshdarnit, sometimes you just have to find a way to dance. Continue reading

goodbye, SAD. hello, spring!

I’m quite confident that everyone in the U.S. outside of (maybe) southern Florida can agree that this has been a very difficult winter.

And no, I don’t intend to argue if this winter compares to those when ‘you’ were young or debate whether the snow storms of this last couple of months compares with that of 1978. Let’s just say it does and agree to disagree. Continue reading

here we go again #twoweekchallenge

Last year, a good friend of mine conned encouraged me to join him in the Active:Water Two Week Challenge in support of World Water Day. I elected to join him mostly because I’m not well-versed in how to say ‘eh, no thanks’ when I’ve been asked to take part in a cause. Don’t y’all use that against me now, ya hear? Also? He’s on the Board of Directors over there and so that makes him kind of a big deal and doubles the difficulty in saying ‘eh, ees ok.’ P.S. Name that Bachelor contestant. Continue reading

in search of vitamin d

Happy March. Or, as we like to say in Michigan, “Happy March. Wait, is it March? Where is the grass? Will this snow ever melt? I’m cold.”

This winter has been an interesting one. It’s been so cold, so snowy and so blowy that having school has become abnormal and 21° feels downright balmy.  Continue reading