alyssa | class of 2015

Sometimes I feel rather selfish when it comes to taking photos. See, what my unsuspecting subjects don’t realize is that part of the experience is just the opportunity I seize to spend time with them.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my sister the past few years taking photos. We’ve shot a few weddings together and while most of the day is spent focusing on the bride and groom (which is literally my favorite part), I’ve had the chance to spend time with her and it’s been fun. Well, mostly fun. Sometimes a little scary. But mostly fun.

I was really thankful we got to spend more time together recently when she let me be a part of capturing Alyssa for her senior portraits.

I always love watching the mom when I’m working with a senior. I typically see a mixture of pride and sadness; the whole experience is rather bittersweet, I think. So while I was happy I got to take pictures, I was also thankful Nikki was able to experience those mom emotions hovering over Alyssa with an umbrella on a rainy Saturday and helping her to avoid poison ivy as we trekked through the woods behind their house. We call it out back but I knew you wouldn’t know what that was. We just say, “let’s go out back.”

Anyway, sometimes I’ll ask a senior to look at his or her mom and I love the variety of looks I get. Alyssa may have stuck her tongue out once or twice (and there may have been a couple dirty looks) but those moments when she’s really laughing, she’s glancing at mom. That, or I told a hilarious joke. I do that, too.

I love this girl. I love her mom. I’m glad we spent this bittersweet time together.

nicole | class of 2015

Oh boy, I don’t know where to begin with this one. I’ve known Cole since she was just a teeny little thing. She’s actually still teeny, but now grown. Does that make sense? I didn’t think so.

Nicole is one of those young women that you just know has an amazing future ahead. She’s adorable, bright, uber-talented and super funny. She’s also incredibly perceptive … I think my favorite comment she may have ever made to me was about how I worry like an 84-year-old (or 90, I can’t remember. Dang dementia) woman. How does she do it?

She is also completely unashamed of her faith. She’s taught me a thing or two and I’m grateful for it. I’ll never forget the amazing experience we had in Guatemala together. I hope she continues to live out her love for the Lord like she did there. If she does … well, look out. It’s gonna be wild.

I was honored to have a part in capturing her as she approaches her final year of high school. I love you, girl, and look forward to watching you take on the world!

mom, i’m growing up

I wish I would have done a better job of documenting these past few months with Connor because holy man, I’m riding a wave of emotion right now about the amazing gift of a child I’ve been given.

It’s kind of unbelievable to look back over the course of three months and think of all that’s happened and all that’s changed. When I consider that Connor wrapped up an amazing second grade year on June 30, er, June 10 (sorry, it was a long Michigan winter) and now we’re already two weeks into third grade, it’s just tough to wrap my head around it all. Continue reading

meet mason

I’ve known Kyle for almost forever. I’m hard-pressed to believe he’s an adult human being because I just don’t feel like I’m that much older than him, but alas, he’s doing all of the really cool things some adult human beings do. I also have enough of a memory to recall when Kyle would share about his relationship with Stephanie when he was in my post-high school group at church. It seemed like they were so perfectly suited and then as soon as I knew it, they were getting married. And I was all, ‘I’d love to shoot your wedding! Can you please make it 98,000 degrees that day? Yes? Deal.’ Continue reading

more about the dance

I posted back in April about the overly used ‘dancing in the rain’ quote. Guess what? It came up again. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

Anyway, I wanted to grab a card for a friend today and just like it was meant to be, a card including that very quote stood up above the rest. What was I supposed to do … pass it over and look at the other cards? It’s like when you’re driving by Biggby and the sweet little voice in the backseat inquires, “Hey mom, can I get a Biggby?” You get the kid a Biggby.

Do you guys agonize over cards like I do?  Continue reading