I was blessed with one sister. Actually, I think if you think in terms of birth order, she was blessed with me. Right? I’m kidding.

Anyway, I always wanted a brother. But even though ‘advanced maternal age’ wasn’t really discussed in the 80’s, I’m pretty sure my mom had already decided she was done after I was born. 

My sister got married when I was 14 to a gentleman named Brian. I didn’t really appreciate (or understand) the fact that I had been given the brother I’d always wanted then. I mean, she made me wear lacy poof sleeves … in hunter green to celebrate the event. Could you be grateful for new family in a get-up like that?

Since then, my brother-in-law and I have both gotten older and I can safely say that I’m happy to have him as a brother. Today, we celebrated another year with him and I reflected on the past year and everything he’s done and been for me. It’s a lot. I tried to find an appropriate card and clearly, people just do not buy cards for brothers-in-law, so going forward, I’m going to be referring to Brian as my brother, whether he likes it or not. I ultimately found him a goofy Hoops & YoYo card (which, by the way, had I known how much it cost when I was laughing in the card aisle listening to it, I would have laughed and put it away. Sorry, B, but that money could have gone into a better gift card!) that said what any basic card would say, but it still felt inadequate.

So, here is my sad attempt at a custom card … Happy birthday, brother. You choose to be a part of the mess and for that I will never, ever be able to thank you enough. I’ve grown to appreciate you for everything that you bring to our family. Your heart is kind and pure. Your intentions are good. You’re funny and quick-witted, and you know how to kill things. That’s always a bonus. You protect and love all of your girls and you are a great uncle to my son. I am so grateful to celebrate another year with you. I just hope the aches and pains do not become too great. You are too heavy for me to carry. Much love, old man.


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