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lan > clt and tys > lan

Is it a round trip or is it just a bunch of little one way trips that make it around? Or is a round trip just actually the complete adventure regardless of the stops in between? I’m going with the latter because that’s exactly how this year’s spring break felt. All the adventures while we made all the stops. All the way around.

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it’s not about the dance

Remember how we made a big deal about Homecoming and the fact that it was our first big dance (because of the coco) and CJ and his darling girlfriend indulged me with a pre-photo session? No? Well, I do! I bring it up only because we did not have the same enthusiasm about Winter Follies. Or maybe it was just about having photos taken. ‘don’t worry, mom, we’ll just get a few pictures at Abby’s.’ And I heard, ‘ugh … mommmmmm. i can drive now. i don’t actually need you for anything but car insurance and a bed to lie down in when i get home.’ Funny the stories we come up with on our own.

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telling a story

I want to preface all of this by saying that only on one or two occasions was I invited to tell some kind of story. I’m recalling a movie where a woman sat in front of a group of children at a library and took her story-telling to a level exceeding inappropriate for the little ones – she was dealing with … things. I had to applaud her, though, because in that moment she needed to voice her story. I think that’s what brings me here today. I’m not telling a story for an audience. I’m telling a story for me. Because I’ve learned that in my own journey, there is no better way for me to get it out other than to write (type, I know).

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