day trips

(warning: long-winded, photo-heavy post ahead)

Connor came out of my room yesterday morning and his first comment was,  (with his as serious as he can possibly muster face) “Mom, I’m not going to that party with you today.” Oh, you may have noticed I said that he came out of my room … yeah, well, we had a sleepover Friday night. Don’t judge me. Continue reading

a day at the beach


We had a beautiful day here Sunday. I was so thankful for what would most likely be the last glimpse of that warm touch of the summer sun that I made an excuse to head out to the big lake. I had also heard there would be wind … which means waves … which means photo opps. Woot! So, let me put this all together for you: Sunday, warmth, sun, lake, wind, waves, and last but certainly not least, family. That equals out to be about the best day ever (performed a la SpongeBob). Continue reading