where to spend your time

You know how you read or hear something and think it’s pretty awesome and then, later, read or hear something that basically reiterates that other thing and you’re like, ‘whoa, I need to tell people that.’? I find it funny (not like ‘haha’, but like ‘hmm’) that I need that validation step to feel this way, but I do. Continue reading

another 365

2013 is over. The memories; painful, wonderful or otherwise, are now forever etched in time. I was thankful my travels took me to Holland yesterday. Full of awe, I looked at the channel and likened this past year to the frozen waters stretching across. The moments of this past year are now frozen … just there, unable to move or be changed. However, and maybe thankfully, what lies ahead is wide open. Ansel Adams was quoted as saying, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” I would suggest you do the same with each of the days you have ahead. Don’t take each one as it comes, make your days; make whatever will be frozen from this point forward something something incredible.


new life

When I was about fourteen, our church extended a call to a new pastor and his family. Pastor Jack, his wife, Mary, and their four children quickly acclimated not only to our church but also to our community. To know is to love the Klunder family. Continue reading

christmas gifts

It’s funny how, as you grow older (and yet of course, not out of your twenties), you just don’t care about getting gifts any more. Don’t get me wrong. It is enjoyable to receive gifts and I do have an Amazon wish list (specifically for my mother), but it’s only because certain individuals my mother won’t let me get out of getting gifts any time the occasion would call for it. Continue reading

from the inside out

I spent a good number of hours yesterday sorting and organizing things in a utility room in my basement. I would call the room a closet but it feels as though half of the lower level is made up of this room that houses the furnace and other important make-the-place-function things. I would be far underselling my efforts if I just called it a ‘closet.’  Continue reading

perception is only skin deep

I watched her get out of the vehicle as we jumped into ours. I had just shut my door and she was exiting the passenger side. What struck me first was that she had a gigantic sucker in her mouth. The way it was positioned was, honestly, not flattering. But, that was really my last thought.  Continue reading

the best worst things

Anyone who is old enough to remember can recount what his or her day looked like exactly twelve years ago today. I read and heard stories from others throughout the day doing just that … a friend feeling as though all he needed to do was to get to his soon-to-be fiancée to hold her tight and a teacher having to maintain her composure all day at school because she wasn’t able to talk with students about what had happened. Others just simply shared words of encouragement or of thoughtful remembrance. It was one of the worst days. Continue reading