i think i’ll move to australia

I had a pretty lengthy post written about how I don’t think I’m meant to celebrate MLK day away from work. This is the first year in my professional career that I’ve had the day off and? It did not go so well. Unlike Alexander, it started off quite swimmingly but then seemed like a similar downward spiral as the day progressed. Continue reading

musical monday

Sometime ago, one of my coworkers dubbed the first day of our week “musical Monday.” Since I love music (but not Monday so much), I wanted to share my newest jam. Oh yes, I said I have a jam. Connor enjoys it as well, actually. He said it’s his second favorite song next to Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling.” Continue reading

wordless wednesday



back off, little ladies.

back off, little ladies.

Considering last night’s post, it’s ironic that today has been dubbed “Love Your Body Day”. I decided to ask Connor tonight what he loves about his body. He said his arms … because his legs are kinda boring. All they do is walk. (He’ll realize someday that’s kind of a big deal). But your arms? Well, Connor says your arms can do crazy things like open the refrigerator. I told him I liked my arms, too, as I pointed and made a comment about going to the gun show. He laughed and decided to wrap his sweet little arms around my waist and attempted to pick me up. Yeah, your arms aren’t that strong yet, buddy.

why i miss monday nights

For the last seventy or so weeks (ok, 13ish), I’ve been glued to the tv on Monday nights. It’s not always at the same time (DVR, for the win!), but I usually tune in on Monday to watch the trainwreck otherwise known as The Bachelorette.

Now, I know what you’re gonna say … ‘Seriously?! It’s not real! You can’t fall in love in six weeks.┬áNo one ever gets/stays married!’ And my response would be … Everyone is entitled to their opinion. In fact, I even took a vow with two of my good friends once to never.watch.again. I can’t say what season it was (because I don’t recall) but somehow, like a fish takes the bait, I was lured back in. I am now officially a part of “The Bachelor Nation.” Wow, that does read as corny as I thought it would. Continue reading