musical monday

Sometime ago, one of my coworkers dubbed the first day of our week “musical Monday.” Since I love music (but not Monday so much), I wanted to share my newest jam. Oh yes, I said I have a jam. Connor enjoys it as well, actually. He said it’s his second favorite song next to Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling.”

To be perfectly honest I liked the song when I first heard it, but I thought to myself, ‘hmm, Katy Perry is cool and has some strong roots buuuuut she did wear a grill to the MTV Music Awards and I’m not so sure that I go with a grill-wearing persona.’ Then, I was at a much-needed Zumba class on a recent Monday night and one of my favorite instructors (shout-out to Gerah!) told us a story about her experience at the most recent Zumba convention. I think it was, primarily, directed at women but it could apply to anyone. We all have those “things” that cause us stress. For those of us on the female end of the spectrum, it would usually boil down to work, men, kids, money or any.other.little.thing. depending on the day of the week time of the month, and when we encounter those moments, we have to dig down deep. And then deeper. And then, once you’ve reached that spot, you hold on to all of that energy and with everything you have in that moment, just let out a giant “Roar!” I also believe that can include a Karate Kid-style kick, but do what you feel works for you.

Happy musical Monday!

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