i think i’ll move to australia

I had a pretty lengthy post written about how I don’t think I’m meant to celebrate MLK day away from work. This is the first year in my professional career that I’ve had the day off and? It did not go so well. Unlike Alexander, it started off quite swimmingly but then seemed like a similar downward spiral as the day progressed.

But then I deleted it. Because, as I read it, I realized I just sounded like a big, fat whiny baby and perspective hit me in the face with that reminder that it could’ve been much, much worse.

Even Connor, who I was pleasantly surprised to get the spend the day with thanks to a mechanical issue at school, wasn’t feeling like there was much we could do about it. After I was in tears with his head on my shoulder this afternoon, I perked up and said, “So, buddy, today is one of those days when we were given lemons. I think we’re supposed to make lemonade.” His response? “I don’t even like lemonade” Touché, dude, touché.

Just like what-seems-like-my-fraternal-twin-of-the-day Alexandar says, “Some days are like that. Even in Australia.”

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