what recovery feels like

I have an idea for a new series and the title is going to be: ‘the dumb stuff Staci does.’

I swear to you I would have at least two entries a week because, well, that’s just how I roll friends. And let me tell you, last week was a doozy. I actually told a couple friends that the week could ‘suck it’. I know. This is a PG-rated blog and I just said something bad. But really, it was unpleasant. Continue reading

where to spend your time

You know how you read or hear something and think it’s pretty awesome and then, later, read or hear something that basically reiterates that other thing and you’re like, ‘whoa, I need to tell people that.’? I find it funny (not like ‘haha’, but like ‘hmm’) that I need that validation step to feel this way, but I do. Continue reading

i think i’ll move to australia

I had a pretty lengthy post written about how I don’t think I’m meant to celebrate MLK day away from work. This is the first year in my professional career that I’ve had the day off and? It did not go so well. Unlike Alexander, it started off quite swimmingly but then seemed like a similar downward spiral as the day progressed. Continue reading

grace from above

I had every good intention of posting Sunday night. It was going to be about sunsets.

See, we celebrated with our pastor and his family Sunday as they said farewell. It was an amazing service filled with worship and love and memories. As God would have it, the sunset Sunday night was nothing short of spectacular. I was driving for much of the period that the sky transitioned out of daylight and stopped at several points to snap photos because it was just.so.beautiful. I ran into fields caked with snow and I know Connor was like, ‘that mom, she’s a crazy one.’ But Connor, my little insightful boy, sunsets are symbolic of farewells.  Continue reading