breathing for them

I can’t figure out the right words tonight. I’m not saying I typically have the right words; but I can tell you that there are days where it’s less difficult to string a series of words together to form a sentence. Because of my struggle, I’ll be brief.

I know of too many people who are hurting right now. Some with debilitating physical pain; others with emotional trauma that seems too intense to bear; and still others who hurt for someone else. 

It totally sucks.

And I am here in a warm home listening to my healthy son snore in his nice, warm pillow-made bed (he’s having a sleepover). I have some aches and pains, but likely due to old age and the standard stomach nonsense. But we are fine. And others are anything but that.

And that hurts me. I listened to a great speaker yesterday who made a comment about praying for people. It’s become such a commonly used response to a problem. “I’m praying for you!” “Praying!” “Prayers going up.”

Please don’t get me wrong. Pray. And pray continually (because Jesus said so and you don’t want to mess with that guy). It’s just that it’s become benign in its meaning like. Instead, he suggested, we should tell people we’re ‘breathing’ for them. He said when he tells his friends the same that it’s at that point they know he’s invested. He’s in there with them … lifting them up.

And that’s how I feel right now. I am breathing for people. I want them to know how deeply I ache for them … that I want to curl up and cry with them; or ache with them; or just simply hold their hand as they walk through the darkness.

It’s hard to express something that I feel that deeply but, and I’ve reached out to some of you, I want you to know it’s true. I’m lifting you up.

My challenge to you is to breathe for someone else. Be available for them. Love them. Just love.

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