goodbye, SAD. hello, spring!

I’m quite confident that everyone in the U.S. outside of (maybe) southern Florida can agree that this has been a very difficult winter.

And no, I don’t intend to argue if this winter compares to those when ‘you’ were young or debate whether the snow storms of this last couple of months compares with that of 1978. Let’s just say it does and agree to disagree. Continue reading

flowers for moms

I’ll never forget on what seemed like my fortieth visit to the lactation consultants at Bronson when one of the nurses told me Connor had an old soul. I wasn’t really sure what it meant but I felt like I had seen that in him, even at four weeks. He just seemed … older; like he had so much more insight into the world than even I, his own mom, had given him credit for. I’ve seen this trait manifest itself several more times since then; most recently, on Mother’s Day. Continue reading