come at me, bruh

You want to know what happens in the rural parts of town on a Saturday night? I mean, I can’t speak for what the younger kids are doing but I can assure you that Talladega Nights may or may not be on and that animal activity outside can have four people gathered at a window quicker than you can say two-track.

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our mother’s day


Mother’s Day is coming up. It’s actually just a hop, skip and a jump away. I hear it’s being celebrated on May 12. PSA over.

Today, though, is MY mother’s day. Like, my mother. It’s her birthday. And she is *cough*sixty-one*cough*. Darn. It didn’t seem as obvious when I just tried that out loud. I know she will never forgive me for that. But as I stated in a message to her this morning, embrace, accept and celebrate! Age ain’t nothin’ but a number anyway. Continue reading

flowers for moms

I’ll never forget on what seemed like my fortieth visit to the lactation consultants at Bronson when one of the nurses told me Connor had an old soul. I wasn’t really sure what it meant but I felt like I had seen that in him, even at four weeks. He just seemed … older; like he had so much more insight into the world than even I, his own mom, had given him credit for. I’ve seen this trait manifest itself several more times since then; most recently, on Mother’s Day. Continue reading

one fine day


That boy. Oh, how he melts my heart.

Yesterday, he was simply too excited to share his gifts with me so I he gave me a blue dolphin he’d cut-out and stickered; a card that he made in the shape of a heart with the words, “be (by) connor/for mom/i heart u mom” on the outside and, “mom yes/mother’s happy day/32/mother’s day/smiley/mom i heart u”; another store-bought card he picked out with his dad; a flower bookmark he’d made at school with his hand print in the middle (adorable) and a picture frame and school picture. I felt so special. I don’t think there is a better gift than one made by a child.  Continue reading