second grade: a progress report

Gosh, it’s been busy around here. I feel like I posted six days ago that Connor started school when, in reality, it’s been just shy of two months. P.S. October is going to be over this week. Is this real life?

Connor is seriously rocking second grade. A bit more challenging than first, he’s learning ten new spelling words each week and five more difficult vocabulary words. He takes his spelling tests very.seriously. and so far, he’s aced all of them. In fact, he’s never missed a word on a spelling test. Do I smell a future Jewett School spelling bee champion? He could have his photo in ‘the book’ many pages after his mother who was rockin’ the pegged pants and crimped hair back in the day. Thanks for that style suggestion, Nikki. Ahem. Continue reading

braggy mcbraggerson


Connor came home today with a very sad face. He announced, “Well, Mom, I didn’t get Student of the Month.” I’d remembered seeing some commentary on Facebook about teachers handing in nominations but otherwise, it wouldn’t have been on my radar. I mean, it isn’t that I think my kid isn’t worthy of such a designation; I just don’t think about it, to be honest. Continue reading

(belated) wordless wednesday


i’m here to save you, dorothy! (and your little dog, too)

first graders gettin’ crazy

it took a really long time to get this pic. i would say, “smile, connor!” and wait. he just sat there like i wasn’t making any sense.

p.s. I left my “real” camera at home on Halloween. To be honest, I’m glad I did as I was able to just truly enjoy a fun holiday with the kiddo.