second grade: a progress report

Gosh, it’s been busy around here. I feel like I posted six days ago that Connor started school when, in reality, it’s been just shy of two months. P.S. October is going to be over this week. Is this real life?

Connor is seriously rocking second grade. A bit more challenging than first, he’s learning ten new spelling words each week and five more difficult vocabulary words. He takes his spelling tests very.seriously. and so far, he’s aced all of them. In fact, he’s never missed a word on a spelling test. Do I smell a future Jewett School spelling bee champion? He could have his photo in ‘the book’ many pages after his mother who was rockin’ the pegged pants and crimped hair back in the day. Thanks for that style suggestion, Nikki. Ahem.

He is also diligent about his homework; working through the problems on his own and puffing his chest out as he answers (most) correctly. But boy does NOT like to be wrong. I wonder where he gets that. (Don’t start guessing; it runs in his genes on both sides).

We just had his parent/teacher conference and his teacher was super complimentary. This is our first year with a male teacher and it’s been great so far. Mr. Seabert praised Connor for his attentiveness and behavior in class; in fact, he said he would love it if he had a class full of Connors. Hey, I’m just telling you what I heard.

He also praised Connor up and down for his math prowess. Mad skillz, actually. Connor took a test and scored in the 98th percentile. I’m not surprised given he was always in the 90th percentile for pretty much everything, even his head size. But honestly, I’m so proud of his understanding of math thus far. He’s extended beyond addition and subtraction and can rattle off numerous multiplication problems and is tackling some division as well. I’m not planning on him pursuing accountancy, but if he decides to look into becoming a hedge fund manager, well, I’m not going to stop him. (Disclaimer: I’m not knocking accountants.)

Connor has also been more interested in reading as of late. He just hasn’t loved reading so far, to be honest. He’s good at it, but it’s one of those areas where he has to want to do it. He is just finishing one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series books and he touted that he only had 11 pages to finish up when I saw him yesterday. Considering there are 214 in total, I was really proud of him. And given his new found love for words, he also wrote a story to apply for a ‘job’ writing for the school newspaper. He had his first meeting today and when I texted his dad to see how it went, he answered just like a boy typically would, “it was good”.

Who knows, maybe I’ll just pass over ownership of this here blog to my little mr. smarty pants. Honestly, he’s way more interesting than I am. Funnier too. You saw the slo-mo video didn’t you?

Keep up the good work, Connor James. Your mom and dad are pretty darn proud of you, and someday your investors will be as well.

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