a tea party

I don’t think I realized until just a couple weeks ago how “un”girly I am. A friend approached me about taking some photos for her family and I was all, “Sure!” And then she was all, “I’d like to do a tea party theme. I have this table and …” I think I might have passed out a little bit because 1.) I’ve never done a themed shoot and 2.) I’ve never been to a tea party.

No, really, I don’t think I’ve ever hosted, attended or even seen a real, live tea party when I was growing up. Is that weird? It’s okay, mom. At least I had Barbies.

When we met up, Jen was incredible about setting up the tea party for Lexi. It was just about the sweetest little thing I’d ever seen and I think our barn made the perfect backdrop … a rustic tea party it was. Sweet Lexi wasn’t sure how to feel about my camera but she’s adorable as is her big brother, Clayton.

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