halloween: a retrospective

Yesterday was Thursday, October 31. Halloween. I often see friends looking back in the archives on Thursdays and posting old photos in honor of Throwback Thursday, or #tbt. Coincidentally, I’d just gone back in the archives a week or so prior to find a photo of Connor dressed as Buzz Lightyear. He was two.

I had planned on posting this last night but I literally had to pull out them archives (meaning, the old, old hard drive) to go back in time to find photos of Connor in his Halloween best. I won’t lie and say that I didn’t get a bit weepy. It was just another reminder of how big Connor is getting. When Connor was dressed as Buzz, it wasn’t like he hated it, but he definitely didn’t have much of an opinion to do anything else. This year, however, I still don’t even know what to call what he dressed up as besides a “skeleton with a sword who sometimes does a zombie walk.” I officially don’t have a say.

Since I had all the photos up, you get to see the evolving cuteness as well and yes, I promise the same kid occupying the chunky monkey suit is now donning a green bony face.

1 thought on “halloween: a retrospective

  1. I’m a little scared that in a few short years my little pumpkin, Bam Bam, Elmo, Fireman will be wanting to wear a green skeleton with a sword … yikes! I am glad you are walking this road ahead of me so I know what is in store for my future :-)!

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