emry is one

I was honored to be asked to take some photos of sweet little Emry now that she’s reached another one of her many-to-come milestones. I love, love, love working with this family because not only are they fun to photograph; they are fun to be around. Honestly, sometimes I have to watch myself because we just get chatty and then whoopsie, I’ve forgotten what I’m supposed to be focused on. Literally. 

I also love that I’ve been able to follow them (no, not in a creepy, paparazzi sort of way) on their journey as a young family. I was actually teasing them when we met because they were talking about the ages of some couples they know and I had to remind them that they, themselves, have not quite hit the mid-20’s. Yikes. I’m old.

Anyway, Emry is an adorable, feisty mama’s girl with beautiful eyes and perfectly pouty lips that are sure to  give her dad many a gray hair in the future.


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