the many faces of baby mae

You know how it’s super boring to see photos of babies gently sleeping? Wrapped so neatly in cheesecloth? Nestled sweetly in a basket? I agree!

That’s why when I went to visit baby Mae earlier this week, I tickled her feet and picked at her ears until she was wide awake and ready to make some faces at my glass. Don’t misquote me … I said glass.  Continue reading

flashback friday

I missed #tbt, or Throwback Thursday for those of you who aren’t hip to the kids’ lingo these days, by about twenty minutes and I don’t think you can be late for hash-tagged events. Right? I mean, then it would be all #laterblog and no one even knows what that means. Right?! Besides, at the time, I wasn’t alert enough to enjoy a walk down memory lane. But now? Because it’s Friday. Because I can’t read this week. And because I cried in the card aisle at Target earlier, I walk. Continue reading

#fbf: nine years

So … #fbf. Is that a thing? You know what I’m referring to, right? No, not Facebook friend. Flashback Friday … you follow? Well, for your benefit I looked it up and sure enough, Urban Dictionary says it’s a thing so there you have it. Who says you don’t learn anything new on Friday?! Pfft. Continue reading

sweet, sweet ben | seven months

My longest-standing client is one of my best good friends, Melissa. She is one of those moms that leaves you with no question she adores her children to the moon and back. She let me take some photos of her now seven-month-old gem, Ben(ny boo-boo-boo) recently. I’m so glad she has a boy now … both so Maya won’t be entirely jealous of a sister eating up more girl attention but also so that she can fall in love with a son like I have. I see that different emotion with him. And I love that I get to capture that for her; so later Maya can tell her how Ben was clearly the favorite. I’m kidding. Sort of. Continue reading

emry is one


I was honored to be asked to take some photos of sweet little Emry now that she’s reached another one of her many-to-come milestones. I love, love, love working with this family because not only are they fun to photograph; they are fun to be around. Honestly, sometimes I have to watch myself because we just get chatty and then whoopsie, I’ve forgotten what I’m supposed to be focused on. Literally.  Continue reading



My friend Melissa is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her sweet little boy in just a few short weeks … October 3, to be exact. By the way, I can’t imagine how I would have felt knowing the exact day Connor would enter my world. This is where Melissa-the-likes-to-plan-ahead friend is very different than Staci-the-fly-by-the-seat gal. But I digress. Continue reading

meet drake


I can’t recall a year in which I’ve gotten to hold so many babies. I feel like something happened last year … October-ish? Was there a snowstorm?

Anyway, the babies. They are in abundance. And they’re all beautiful. And I love getting in extra snuggles having the opportunity to capture their new-ness. Oh, and the love from their bigger siblings and moms and dads. Rocky and Kelly are two really sweet people who make beautiful children. And surely, Grady loves his baby brother. Continue reading