meet drake

I can’t recall a year in which I’ve gotten to hold so many babies. I feel like something happened last year … October-ish? Was there a snowstorm?

Anyway, the babies. They are in abundance. And they’re all beautiful. And I love getting in extra snuggles having the opportunity to capture their new-ness. Oh, and the love from their bigger siblings and moms and dads. Rocky and Kelly are two really sweet people who make beautiful children. And surely, Grady loves his baby brother.

IMG_1128_FB IMG_1139_FB IMG_1142_FB IMG_1155_FB IMG_1193_FB IMG_1196_FB IMG_1202_FB

IMG_1246_FB IMG_1251_FB IMG_1266_FB

IMG_1337_FB IMG_1320_FB

And Kelly, the little stinker, caught me getting my fix. (Thanks, Kelly, for letting me snuggle with that little old soul.)


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