the many faces of baby mae

You know how it’s super boring to see photos of babies gently sleeping? Wrapped so neatly in cheesecloth? Nestled sweetly in a basket? I agree!

That’s why when I went to visit baby Mae earlier this week, I tickled her feet and picked at her ears until she was wide awake and ready to make some faces at my glass. Don’t misquote me … I said glass. 

All kidding aside, I am in love with Mae and her parents, Ryan and Carly. I’ve worked with Carly for the past several years and was honored to shoot their beautiful wedding just shy of three years ago in Petoskey. Aren’t they precious?


Interestingly, Mae’s mom Carly makes lots and lots of faces. Mae takes after her mother. Except Mae doesn’t like to sleep. So, we got a wide-awake and actually very well-behaved four-week-old. I’m not mad about it. I mean, she humored me and shut her eyes like twice and even screamed once for good measure. But otherwise? Just awake. And full of expressions that made my ovaries hurt job that much more enjoyable.

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