meant to be … in petoskey

I just logged into Facebook and happened to see a photo of one of my favorite couple’s first Christmas tree. It beautifully celebrates their new home and their new marriage; just under three months in.

I was beyond ridiculously honored when Carly asked me to be a part of her day; the day in which she would become the wife of Mr. Ryan Davis. I don’t know Ryan as well as I know Carly but to know her is to love them.

I met Carly in an interview, strangely, at Biggs a few years back. As soon as she was hired, we started working together and I count my lucky stars I had the opportunity to get to know her then because now she’s all Mrs.-Popular-Pants and if I happen to see her I wave quickly and run away so as not to be run over by her fan club. I’m kidding. Sort of.

Anyway, Carly started dating Ryan not long after we met and I remember her playing it down. Big time. ‘We’re just friends,’ she would say for the first year (and a half?). But I could tell he made her happy. And I figured that eventually she would come to realize that he thought she was pretty much the next best thing to well, his dog Noah.

Fast forward to the fall of 2012 and one morning Carly came back to work after a lovely weekend in Mackinac and I heard squealing. And, when you hear squealing at work someone is either a.) engaged, b.) with child or c.) literally with child, like in the office. When I saw Carly, I knew she must have gotten engaged and as she told the story, I found myself in tears in her office. No really, I was crying, and it wasn’t the pretty kind.

If it isn’t obvious, I could talk about Carly all day. I love her. Well, not as much as Ryan does, but it’s a lot.

Ryan and Carly chose the beautiful Stafford’s Perry Hotel in Petoskey for their September wedding. I’ve never been to Petoskey and after a couple of days there, I know I’m going back. The hotel was the perfect venue with a beautiful view of Lake Michigan below. The weather was absolutely perfect and the bride and groom didn’t disappoint either. Their bridal party was ridiculously fun and flexible and Nikki and I had an amazing time following them around. And, I may even have danced a little after I was off the clock.

I feel so blessed to have been a part of Ryan and Carly’s perfect Petoskey day. Here’s to many more firsts, Mr. and Mrs. Davis.


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