There are certain people that touch your life in such a way that you can’t help but continually think of them long after they’re gone. My grandpa was one of those people.

When he opted out of this world six years ago, it was one of the most difficult losses I’d experienced. And I’d experienced several prior. But he was just … special. I’ve posted about him almost every year as this day doesn’t go by (nor many others) without him heavily on my mind. So gruff. Yet so … amazing. Continue reading

a special sunday

Yesterday included, as per usual, 24 hours. I just broke it down and that’s 1,440 minutes. Whoa. Side note: When someone says, ‘just take each minute … one at a time,’ I’m going to politely ask them to shut up because there are far too many in a day to think anything crazy like that. The nice thing about yesterday though, is that I wasn’t rushed for any but about 45 of those minutes (as I was racing around trying to get to church on time for band practice). That leaves 1,395 (yay, math!) minutes to enjoy on a given Sunday. But, just like any other day, it’s not about the minutes. It’s about the moments. See what I did there? Continue reading

separation anxiety

A really good friend of mine recently shared her daughter’s bout with separation anxiety. I witnessed it first-hand, actually. We participated in a March of Dimes walk this past Saturday and as soon as sweet little Maya looked at me, she quickly turned into her mom’s knees and shoved her head directly in between. I promised her I wouldn’t take her picture, but apparently, that wasn’t the real issue. She didn’t want to think for one second her mom was going to walk away from her and leave her with *gasp* me! Continue reading