the stuff the Lord gives us


Ever hear a ‘no’? Like, there is something that you just know that you’re supposed to pursue and you even feel like God is like, ‘yep, totally. i’ve got you and you’ve got this.’ and then, like a giant punch in the gut,

And the natural response is, ‘but whyyyyyyyyyy?’ And i only add ‘y’s’ like that because i say it all super whiny-like. We don’t get it. We feel cheated and well, just sort of stupid because we were so sure that we heard the affirmation we needed to move forward. This happens to you, too, right? Because I’m saying ‘we’ since I don’t want to assume believe it’s just me. Continue reading

a short story


The 2012 kindergarten field trip is in the books.

We started with this:

And, as per usual, Connor played the part of a rock star scoring two spares and the ever-elusive-except-when-gutters-are-present strike.

The zoo was our next stop. We ate, played, raced through the exhibits (certain children do not understand what it means to stop and appreciate the animals) and stopped at the preferred destination … the gift shop.

Connor said his favorite exhibit was the snakes. We didn’t see the snakes but one found it’s way home with us:

And now, I feel like this guy:

Good night.

The end.