My friend Melissa is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her sweet little boy in just a few short weeks … October 3, to be exact. By the way, I can’t imagine how I would have felt knowing the exact day Connor would enter my world. This is where Melissa-the-likes-to-plan-ahead friend is very different than Staci-the-fly-by-the-seat gal. But I digress.

Melissa asked if I would take some photos of her and that beautiful bump she’s sporting (along with her hubby and daughter, of course) on what turned out to be a fantastic evening in South Haven, albeit just a stitch windy right at the lake. Hello, wind-blown look! It was Labor Day and just as we joined in celebrating the end of another summer, we were doing the same with another pregnancy. Actually, the arrival of baby boy H. is perfect for a girl who was praying for the arrival of fall back in the heat of July. Here’s to a successful last few weeks and the joy that both fall and that beautiful new baby will bring.

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