a short story


The 2012 kindergarten field trip is in the books.

We started with this:

And, as per usual, Connor played the part of a rock star scoring two spares and the ever-elusive-except-when-gutters-are-present strike.

The zoo was our next stop. We ate, played, raced through the exhibits (certain children do not understand what it means to stop and appreciate the animals) and stopped at the preferred destination … the gift shop.

Connor said his favorite exhibit was the snakes. We didn’t see the snakes but one found it’s way home with us:

And now, I feel like this guy:

Good night.

The end.


There are conversations that Connor and I have that leave me scratching my head. He is amazingly smart. His memory is far superior to mine. Let me just quality that, prior to being pregnant with Connor, I think my memory was awesome. I mean, I don’t remember … but, I’m sure it was good. These days, I’m lucky to remember where I put my coffee cup. Continue reading