There are conversations that Connor and I have that leave me scratching my head. He is amazingly smart. His memory is far superior to mine. Let me just quality that, prior to being pregnant with Connor, I think my memory was awesome. I mean, I don’t remember … but, I’m sure it was good. These days, I’m lucky to remember where I put my coffee cup.

Anyway, today he told me all about the lynx. His infatuation is due in part to a golf course we live near. I had talked to him previously about the fact that it was a type of cat. (I tend to avoid more than just the basics unless I’m required otherwise. I have to remember THINGS, remember?!) He, on the other hand, informed me today that a lynx is a wildcat with varying colors depending on the weather (which, I later confirmed to be true).

He also told me, while we were looking at his Jack and Jill magazine (thanks, Aunt Kathy G.!) that the puzzle he’d done (matching animals to footprints and then to a habitat) was actually incorrect according to J&J because, “Why would a hamster live in a cage without water?” It had only a wheel which he referred to as a “jumping hole” for the rabbit. He made a good point. Clearly, the poor soul coming up with these activities did NOT think through the implications of leaving a hamster without water. The horror.

My absolute favorite lesson this week (and yes, I already knew this) was when Connor ran out in the kitchen after getting his t-ball gear on and said, “Mom!” I turned to look, “Yes, honey?” “I have HAIR in my nose.” The look on his face was priceless … as if the hair had grown overnight and he was sharing something that had never in the history of the world been shared before. THIS was revolutionary news. He said it again as I giggled. I said, “Yep, and some day it’s going to come out of your nose and you’ll look just like your Grandpa.”

See, I may be aging but that just means I am gaining wisdom.

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