our mother’s day

Mother’s Day is coming up. It’s actually just a hop, skip and a jump away. I hear it’s being celebrated on May 12. PSA over.

Today, though, is MY mother’s day. Like, my mother. It’s her birthday. And she is *cough*sixty-one*cough*. Darn. It didn’t seem as obvious when I just tried that out loud. I know she will never forgive me for that. But as I stated in a message to her this morning, embrace, accept and celebrate! Age ain’t nothin’ but a number anyway.

My sister wrote a beautiful post this morning and as I read it, all I could think was that we did truly luck out in the mom department. I had also noted that God totally knew what He was doing when He decided to stick my mom with me. Notice I did not say ‘stick me with my mom.’ I think most of us youngsters feel the latter until we’re about twenty-two. I never have, though. I know how lucky I’ve been all along and I might even realize it more so now because I am a major pain in the butt to have as a child. That is unless, “keeps things undeniably interesting” and “fails to heed advice a good majority of the time” are on the list of qualities a parent checks off when choosing their offspring.

My mom, at her young age, continues to work her tail off; serve her community and her church on numerous levels; and still manages to put a mean beef dinner on the table when we all come over. Sorry, I couldn’t help it mom. It’s what’s for dinner! My mom is just a leader. I think many moms are but she is grade A leadership quality in all aspects of her life and I admire her a great deal for it.

I think, since I’ve become a mom, I’ve really enjoyed watching the joy her grandkids bring her. Alyssa, Lindsey and Connor have clearly taken center stage in her world and obviously, help to keep her young.

[114.365] goofing with grandma

silly faces!

On this, OUR mother’s day, there is no one in the world more perfect to play the role of our mom. Happy birthday, mom. No matter how much I screw it all up, I so appreciate your clear understanding of unconditional love and the ability you have to show it. And thanks, too, for being one of the two greatest grandmas Connor will ever know. We’re the lucky ones.



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