goodbye, SAD. hello, spring!

I’m quite confident that everyone in the U.S. outside of (maybe) southern Florida can agree that this has been a very difficult winter.

And no, I don’t intend to argue if this winter compares to those when ‘you’ were young or debate whether the snow storms of this last couple of months compares with that of 1978. Let’s just say it does and agree to disagree.

The constant shoe-changing has made me feel like a relative of Mr. Rogers and I lost a glove. That’s always upsetting because I thought that only happened to of the elementary kids.

Many days (when of course there was no school), I simply wouldn’t let Connor go outside. It was just.too.cold. and I’m just that mean. So, we’ve basically been inside since mid-December. We went skiing a few times and that was super fun but when it’s so cold that it numbs your bum on the chair lift, that takes a bit of the super out of the fun..

But today? Today it’s spring. And I don’t care that we may not have hit 40 degrees or that there’s still snow on the ground, I busted out some bright orange flats (and changed into them promptly after I arrived to work in my don’t-fall-on-my-butt-on-the-ice boots), walked over to Water Street without changing back (and only got a hot water!), saw the bright, beautiful thing in the sky that we forgot existed and bought some tulips and daffodils on the way home.

Spring is here, doggoneit. And I think it’s time we celebrate.


“An optimist is the human personification of spring.” – Susan J. Bissonette

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