the one about wearing clean underwear

I just typed underwear. Oops, there I did it again. Sorry about all of it. But, it’s been on my mind.

Well, not underwear specifically, but the concept of wearing clean ones.

Not that either. Ugh, my words never come out quite right.

Anyway, it’s been over a week since I had my nice evening out with the EMTs and nurses at Spectrum Butterworth. I remember getting into the ambulance and praying that I would get some pain relief. STAT. But, I wasn’t thinking much beyond that. After I started to feel comfortably numb, I asked if we could stop and get a coffee. John, my new best friend because he had the good stuff, said I couldn’t afford the bribe for coffee. That made me sad.

I’m honestly so grateful for John and my driver, Phil. They helped to get me loaded into the bus (that’s what everyone who’s ever watched Law & Order calls it) ever so gently and gave me enough time to start feeling the effects of the meds before driving. John shared that every bump would just induce more pain so knowing the drugs were en route to working was critical to our trip. John also calmed me down immensely and shared that he was such a big wuss that I was bound to get whatever I asked for. Now that my friends, is what I call the epitome of customer service.

What I wasn’t prepared for, even with whatever p-word drug they’d so graciously provided, was what my mom said when they opened the doors upon arrival to the ER …

“Now, you know what mom always says … I hope you’re wearing clean underwear.”

John and Phil’s heads couldn’t have turned their heads any more quickly in my direction when I responded, “What? That’s crazy talk. I just broke my arm, mooooom. They’re not going to take my clothes off.”

And then as quickly as they turned, both responded. “Oh yes they will.”

Dang it. Dang it all to heck and back. If there’s anything that could have made the happy disappear, it was the thought of being unclothed. This girl showers with her clothes on, for goodness sake.

But really, after I thought about it, all my mom was saying was that she hoped I was prepared.

I think about that moment frequently because it was 1.) so gosh darn funny and 2.) so true of how we should approach each and every day.

I had no idea I was going to get in a wreck that morning. You don’t plan for (or wish for) these sorts of things to happen. But they do. Had it been worse, which of course I’m thankful it wasn’t, I was prepared. I want to live my life being prepared because when that moment should arrive, I don’t want to be the least bit concerned about what’s going to happen next. And no, I don’t just mean with my clean underwear. Because I was prepared with those, too. Thankyaverymuch.

2 thoughts on “the one about wearing clean underwear

  1. Ummmm … what? wreck? So I am reading backwards 🙂 … I think I need to read a previous post. Anyway, happy that you had clean underwear (I can hear my Mom saying those exact words) and so thankful that the accident wasn’t more serious! Preparedness is so important on so many levels (underwear included). Miss you!

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