day trips

(warning: long-winded, photo-heavy post ahead)

Connor came out of my room yesterday morning and his first comment was,  (with his as serious as he can possibly muster face) “Mom, I’m not going to that party with you today.” Oh, you may have noticed I said that he came out of my room … yeah, well, we had a sleepover Friday night. Don’t judge me.

His comment bummed me out. Of course, I had no intention of responding with, “Oh, okay Connor, I’m really sorry to hear that. What would you rather do?” Actually, a couple girlfriends had shared some of the great spots near the area I knew we were headed at lunch on Friday and I’d searched out some kid-friendly options Friday night. It was almost like I knew he would start whining push back on taking a drive to attend a party for one of my friends. Heaven.forbid.

I responded with something more along the lines of, “Well, Connor, that’s really disappointing because one, we’re going and two, I found some really cool stuff for you and I to do together.” Waaaaaah. “Like what?”

It didn’t take too long perusing the website to get him interested in visiting. Thank you websites that know the value of including great photography. We left around 11:30 and with the help of iPhone Map lady, were on our way.

It didn’t take as long as I thought it would (I guess driving faster than what the map lady anticipates helps) and we arrived at Silver Beach. Our first order of business was a picnic. We laid out our blanket and took in the amazing view of Lake Michigan while we ate in the shade. After lunch, we took care of our goodies and headed down to Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone, which is owned by the local children’s museum, and includes water-related activities, a climbing wall and other cool exhibits. Connor loved it.




yay for a repaired ‘hawk.


i can’t even stand how tough he looks in this photo.

IMG_0226_FB IMG_0227_FB-2 IMG_0234_FB


this is the VR dance room. it was by far his favorite part. the kid’s got moves.

We then found our way to the Silver Beach Carousel. This isn’t your typical carousel. The room its housed in is absolutely beautiful and there are a bazillion animals from which to choose. Connor wanted me so desperately to get a dolphin, but a little girl stole it from us before we could get there. His face was priceless, like, “Look mom, that chick stole your ride.” We found a lovely horse and all I could think was how thankful I am that he isn’t too cool yet to ride on a carousel. It’s coming soon, but not yet.

IMG_0273_FB IMG_0284_FB IMG_0288_FBAnd, lo and behold, the boy even found something he could enjoy at the winery. I had more fun people-watching. Of course my friends were all tame … everyone had kids, but there were others that well … were having a great time as well.


life-sized Jenga!


his comment? “well, that was an epic fail.” ha!

I was really thankful that we had a bit of extra unexpected time when we left so we headed back to the beach. We didn’t have enough time earlier to enjoy the splash pad thing-y so Connor suited up and taught that fountain a lesson.

IMG_0321_FB IMG_0334_FB




When I asked him on our way home about his highs and lows for the day, he said he couldn’t think of his favorite thing and not one thing bad. Maybe he was just being nice, but I think a good time was had by all.

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