twenty things

Somehow, I feel like CJ and I packed in an entire month’s worth of activity into the past few days. Therefore, I am exhausted … yet thankful. We enjoyed family time and us time and we also slept in once. That was lovely.

We’ve started talking about (thanks to the sound advice of a good friend) our highs and lows each day so here are some of the highlights (and lowlights … that doesn’t work quite as well now does it?) from this fabulous few days of no work and all play.

  1. We saw three fireworks shows. The first in South Haven; the second in Holland and the third just down the street at the Moose Lodge. Well, I watched them from our deck so I still have yet to officially visit the Moose Lodge
  2. Red Robin is officially my favorite go-to, chain-like, gluten-free restaurant. Gluten free buns and fries for the win
  3. I tried to look up the price of a stuffed animal from a carnival rip-off game today. The site required a username and password before entry. Is that weird?
  4. An 8-mile bike ride is far easier (and faster) in 2013 than 2012. Well, maybe Connor’s desire for ice cream at the end of the ride is just greater this year than last
  5. Sand gets ridiculously hot in Holland this time of year! My feet, unfortunately, told me so
  6. Sitting on South Haven’s south beach for fireworks provides for spectacular people-watching
  7. The Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show is completely worth the drive. I would like to make a suggestion, though, to remove all of the midway games in the future. Those just aren’t necessary
  8. Did you know you can get blisters on your feet from hot sand? Neither did I until yesterday
  9. Connor lit up like the little boy I remember when he saw the Air Tractor plane from the new Disney flick, Planes, flying through the sky and “waving” to the crowd. I was pretty floored to hear Dane Cook’s voice coming over the PA system, though
  10. One poor child can stay up until almost midnight two nights in a row and not become a complete basket case on the third day
  11. Cats like to scratch at rugs
  12. I don’t think there is any more fun “fourth” activity than playing with sparklers. Or rather, watching your adorable kid march around with sparklers
  13. Despicable Me 2 is awesome. In 3D. And, not that many people go to the 4:00 show on opening day. I’m just here to inform, folks
  14. Seven-year-olds can have an amazing understanding of sarcasm
  15. Seven-year-olds can also be totally freaked out riding the Pirate Ship. I may have been laughing hysterically at his grip on the bar that was holding us in. Hey, I never said I was still in the running for mother of the year
  16. I actually allowed myself to let Connor have a “free” throw at the carnival that led to a $5 investment in a cheap stuffed lizard
  17. The fireworks in Holland did not disappoint. Not one bit
  18. Connor thought he liked bouncy house boxing … until he met an opponent slightly taller (and three years older) than him. The same is true for jousting
  19. My favorite part of the air show was watching Connor snap a bazillion photos on my mom’s camera. I feel (a little) sad that she has to go through all of those
  20. I have so many photos from the past few days I’m actually dreading going through them. Instead, I’m going to take a nap. Maybe


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