second-to-last winter follies

It may seem that all we do is buy new dress clothes on this blog but I promise there is so much life going on. I am just literally terrible at keeping y’all up to date. And while I know you’re just so anxious to hear from me more often, I have to start shopping for prom.

Also, how sad is that title? It really isn’t. I am half-teasing because this is how CJ referred to his junior year winter follies when I was set to bolt from the park we were taking photos at as others arrived. It was just a little mom guilt maneuver and it totally worked.

I’m really here to just photo bomb your faces off but I do want to quickly note that we are now on our fourth dance with these two ridiculously adorable young people. Abby’s mom and I were just texting earlier and I’ll just say that tears were shed and we are equally enamored with each other. I need to add that I did have to remind CJ to grab the corsage before we left but that I did not notice he was wearing white socks. That’s on me. Oh, also, I don’t know how he developed so much personality.

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