amazingly beautiful

My sister and I were honored to shoot a wedding today in one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever step foot in. Today wasn’t the first time I’ve been in Hope College’s Dimnent Chapel, but I’ve never been lucky enough to have my camera in hand.

I have to say that today, though, someone overshadowed the church.

I know Stephanie through Kyle. Kyle was in my youth group and then in my post-high class and he’s good people. Kyle and Stephanie started dating over five years ago and when they got engaged, they asked if my sister and I would shoot their wedding (little do they know that I get so stressed out about weddings that I might vomit at any point during the day). Of course we said, “Um, sure!”

I hadn’t spent a ton of time with Stephanie … until today. Within the first five seconds she arrived (running juuuust a bit behind schedule), I knew why Kyle was smitten. She was giggly and calm and just started ripping off her clothes getting dressed so we could get started on pre-wedding photos.

I saw her dress for the first time last night and almost cried it was so gorgeous. When she put it on today, I was certain it was made for her. We made our way upstairs and into the sanctuary. As she gazed out the window, I couldn’t help but smile. One amazingly beautiful person in one amazingly beautiful place.


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