he’s growing up

It’s bible school week at church. There will be a follow-up to share all of the hilarity that goes along with sugared-up preschoolers but I decided to take the first three days of this week off because 1.) I needed some time with CJ and 2.) I inevitably wind up with a migraine by the end of bible school week because it’s just.so.much.

We swam for a bit Sunday and Lindsey’s elbow accidentally met Connor’s front tooth (the last man standing, if you will) and knocked it loose … well, a bit more loose than it was already and then it hit me. I realized just how much he’s growing up. His face is changing; his vocabulary is expanding; he catches more of my sarcasm; and, teeth are nearly flying out of his mouth at this point.

After a busy couple of days with cousins and friends and bible school, I decided today I was going to soak up as much of the day as I could with him. He snuck into my bed sometime around six and then slept soundly until 8:30. We ate breakfast on the deck, got dressed and headed to the driving range. He nailed a couple of great drives and when he got frustrated that every ball didn’t go that far (or even fifteen feet, for that matter), he started talking about grass growing in the sand. Change the focus much?

We came back, showered up and headed to Kalamazoo for some fun at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Can I just say how awesome it is to have a free museum nearby? We paid for a planetarium show but that was all (aside from parking) and walked out of there with treasure crafts (a crown, a couple wooden bracelets and two wooden tops that he was able to decorate) and non-stop chatter about all the cool exhibits inside.

For the first time in a long time, too, I asked him for a few pictures and he obliged. He never does that. I just wanted to capture his face … just as it is right now. He likes smiling with his ridiculous tooth hanging out but he also gave me a couple sweet grins and all I knew was that my little guy is no longer so little. He’s a boy … my almost first grade boy.

toothy grin

My silly boy.

mooth with a looth tooth

My growing-up boy.

high school senior in training


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