trying on shoes with boys

After Owen’s party the other day, Connor and I stopped at Dick’s to check out some new kicks. He tried on two different pairs but was going to pass (well, he thought he was but that wasn’t really going to happen) until I suggested that one pair might make him faster and since these were going to be worn for gym it would be pretty important to find out which shoes would fit the bill. His eyes lit up.

CJ: “So, Mom, where do you think I could run in them?”

Me: “Well, there’s a nice long runway there and it’s pretty quiet in here. Why don’t you run to the end and back?”

CJ: “Okay, time me.”

I grabbed my phone and used the timer to let him know how long each pass took. I’m pretty sure he’d already decided on a pair because he opted to run in them one more time when his time was slower in those shoes. His times ranged from 19.8-20.2 seconds, respectively.

The last trip back I taped him because, well, it was just too cute. He even threw in an unexpected cartwheel at the end. Yay for magic shoes!

1 thought on “trying on shoes with boys

  1. So precious. I have 4 sons- all over 15 now- but I so remember the shoe shopping. And I too resorted to that sort of motivation… which one helps you run faster, jump higher, turn sharper…Thanks for bringing back a great memory. I like your blog.

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