taking breaks

Everyone deserves a break, every now and again. The subject matter from which we all need a break can vary. Some need a break from work; some from family; kids from school and still others from things like oh, say, holiday treats. I wouldn’t know anything about needing a break from holiday treats, just so ya know.

More than almost anyone I know, there are two folks that deserved the much-needed break they enjoyed last week. The ‘rents left the day after Thanksgiving for a trip to Mexico; their first time. Despite the fact that they slept in separate beds the entire trip (due to a booking snafu), I got the sense that they really, really enjoyed their time away. See exhibit A.

exhibit A

Connor and I were looking at the photo last week and he saw me smiling. He asked why the picture made me so happy. I told him that 1.) Grandpa and Grandma are a couple of sixty-year-olds on a zip line (I’m not judging!), 2.) Grandpa and Grandma are literally wrapped up into each other (not a huge surprise) and that 3.) Grandpa and Grandma look absolutely, truly happy.

Sometimes, breaks are necessary.

Now, get back to work you two!



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