quiet play

There is just something so sweet about seeing a boy at play. I sat for a couple minutes before realizing that I needed to capture him. In that very moment. He was just so peaceful, so quiet.

We’d spent a couple hours prior putting what I call his “Christmas miracle” Star Wars Lego fighter together. He kept asking that I do it when he wasn’t here because it would take forever. I said ‘no way, dude’ respectfully declined that request and offered up that we build it this morning. I organized and found the pieces and he constructed (most of) it. It is Ahsoka’s (from the Clone Wars series) ship and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with it, and others. I never thought I would get into Star Wars, but because my kid is, I guess that means I am as well. Seriously, look at that sweet face and tell me you don’t want to go find a light saber?!
at play

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