we’re all a little creative

I may have mentioned before that I’ve come to love Pinterest. I don’t visit the site (and/or the app) everyday but when I’m looking for an idea or have a ‘how-to’ question to answer, it’s a frequent destination.

Last week, I was trying to pull together an idea based on an Etsy item I’d seen. Oh, I love Etsy too. Everyone should. Anyway, the concept included a wooden frame, burlap and a wreath. The frame was super easy. Hobby Lobby just happened to have a 50% off sale and ‘BAM’, I had a frame.

I started exploring Pinterest for wreath ideas and came across this beautiful display. I briefly dreamed that was my dining table. When I woke up, I thought, ‘hey, I love that wreath and I think I could make it.’

I took a trip Saturday in the spare fourteen minutes I had to the local florist. I had to figure out what in the world that very creative woman used to create the scene that ‘pinspired’ me. I walked in and there were two women. I started the conversation.

Me: “Okay, so I found this thing on Pinterest and I …”

Florist 1: “Oh, Pinterest makes everyone think they’re creative.”

Me: ” … was curious if you could help me figure out the greenery used to design this wreath.”

Me: “Let me dig up the photo.”

(two hours later due to an extremely slow connection)

Me: “Here it is.”

Florist 1: “Oh, that’s blahblahblah (I can’t remember the name of the greenery she mentioned but it.sounded.bad.). You don’t want that in your house. It will break apart immediately.”

Me: “Um, ok. It’s odd because I don’t see chunks of her wreath falling off in the picture.” (Okay, I didn’t say that out loud but I thought it really hard.)

Florist 2: “Here, let me take a look. (pinching and zooming) I think that’s cedar. I actually buy that in boxes. I could sell you a bunch if you wanted.”

Me: “Ooh, I would love that.” (to Florist 1) “How do you think she got the cedar on the wire inside?”

Florist 1: “I have no idea. I’m not a florist that designs things or anything.” (Okay, she didn’t actually say that second part, but I felt like she did.)

Florist 2: “Here it is. You could cut it down the branch and get the chunks like she’s using here.”

Me: “Sweet, I’m excited to try it.”

Sunday, I was able to sit down (while football was on in the background; is that weird?) and I found the stem of one of my artificial flowers I’d gotten and removed the petals from. I had some wire my dad loaned me for another project and used that to tie each of the bunches to the stem. (The stem also had wire on the inside and I just formed a circle out of it and wired the ends together). When it was done, the bunches were a bit wild (like my hair can get in the morning) so I took some adhesive and sprayed them down a bit.

I took the burlap ribbon I’d ordered and glued it to the front of the frame after I tied the two ends around the wreath. (Sorry, pictures may have helped but it really wasn’t that hard, Florist 1.)

I took some measurements, nailed yet another nail in the wall and used what I think is my most valuable tool to-date … a level, and hung that copycat frame.

[13.365] a live welcome

Yes, my wreath is going to die soon and no, I can’t make a real bow but I also feel like it’s at least a little creative. Thanks, Pinterest, for making me think I’m creative and for keeping your mouth shut even if you know otherwise.

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