smells like team spirit

I don’t know if your news feed has been blowing up with posts about accomplishments like mine has lately, but holy.cow. 

How can you not feel pushed into going out and running a few miles motivated by the positivity (which, by the way, WordPress tells me isn’t a word. pfft.) exuding from such activity like:

“After two weeks off of running, massages, yoga, new shoes, foam rolling & cross training my a$$ off…I successfully ran over 6 miles with no pain! My half is two weeks away. Thought I was going to have to sell my bib. So happy!” – from Gina (sorry, Gina, expletives removed for our young readers)

“Just finished my first race and had an awesome time!” – from Carly

“Unbelievable! We are done! Without a doubt, this was the hardest race I have even competed in. …” – from Sarah

“Well I only ran the 10k but I made my goal time!” – from Conan

Seriously, I have some amazingly accomplished friends and coworkers. It isn’t just about running, though. I’ve spoken about the power of Zumba before as well. When you’re surrounded by people with a common goal, you can’t help but feel compelled to be … to do, well, better.

As I was talking to my coworker about her amazing run at the Fifth Third River Bank Run, she made a comment about having people cheer her on like that every day and it got me thinking. No, really, what if we were able to walk around every day (in whatever we’re doing) with the feeling that comes at the finish of a race? Seriously. I don’t know if you’ve ever been a part of a race or a Zumba class or a triathlon, but I know that I’ve never felt like so.many.people were literally on my team as I did during those experiences. Likely, the finish of the half-marathon and 25k a couple years back (I know … slacker!) were the best.

So, here’s the challenge. Whatever you’re doing tomorrow … do it with gusto. Do it like there are throngs of people who have no idea who you are (and maybe even better those who do) standing there encouraging you along the way!

If you’re a mom, imagine your children are your cheering section. I know that I told CJ that if he acted like he did on Mother’s Day every day, I would feel like a flipping rock star. I could do no wrong!

If you’re heading into the office, imagine everyone on your team is really on your team. I know sometimes that seems tough, but humor me. If all you have to do tomorrow is take a drive somewhere, reverse your mindset about that guy that cut you off. Wave (with five fingers) even! Let him know you’re cheering him on as he weaves in and out of traffic. Great job, dipstick guy-I-don’t-know!

This might sound silly, but more often than not, people really are on our team. A guy who comes into our office to train folks noted that during a presentation, the audience typically wants to see us do well. It’s our own fear and insecurity that allows us to believe otherwise. These individuals are our cheering section. We just decide not to believe it instead of running with it. Trust me, run with it. Then, tell me about it. I’d love to hear how much better you feel as a result.

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