the people you meet and how you can help

So, just over eight years ago I learned I was pregnant with Connor. The year prior wasn’t easy. Becoming pregnant was a task in and of itself, but I was thankful when I found a group of women online on a similar journey. These women would become my “mommy friends.”

Sadly, that really is what I always call them. It’s just the easiest way to describe this deeply-connected, honest, loving, steadfast group of moms. We’ve moved around the InterWebs over the course of the past eight years. Our lives have all changed pretty significantly too, which I guess is to be expected for a group of 65ish people  Many of us had more children; some of us got divorced; some of us got re-married; some of us went back to school and pursued new careers … all fairly common over that period of time. But, there were some events that none of us could have foreseen and those were the times that we all rallied around each other and I once again learned the capacity of human beings to care for one another.

Today, though, the focus is not on the group but on an individual whom I’ve come to love dearly. Her name is Mollie. Mollie is a single mom to three beautiful children. She is one of the most humble, sweet women I’ve ever “met”. (No, I’ve never had the opportunity to meet Mollie in person. She’s sort of an imaginary friend, but not. You know?)

Anyway, two years ago Mollie was diagnosed (quite suddenly) with Type 1 diabetes and she’s been facing some pretty severe side effects already. Her endo has recommended she get an insulin pump but unfortunately, she’s been denied by her state-provided insurance. You can read more of the story here.

Mollie posted the other night in our private Facebook group, not with a plea for money, but just that she’s been feeling so awful. Almost immediately, the mommy powers activated to start securing funding for this pump (they can cost upwards of $6,000). I just looked and her wonderful supporters have already raised about 1/3 of that. How amazing is that?!

I have a few people that read here. Would you read a little about Mollie and consider giving? I don’t ask for donations, well, pretty much ever, but I wholeheartedly believe that when a number of people commit small acts, big change can occur.

Thanks in advance for any support you could offer – even if it’s just spreading the word!

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