reading lips

You know how its always a little concerning when your child’s quiet in the back of the car? Especially when they have your phone? No? Just me?

Connor likes to play several games on my phone. He’s also figured out how to find videos on YouTube. By the way … have you seen How Animals Eat Their Food? Hilarious.

Yesterday, he got quiet. I figured he was playing one of his games or looking through my photo album which is also sometimes scary. P.S. never screen shot workouts you think would be worth trying, especially if the workout is meant to improve the look of your behind with the details placed oh-so-perfectly over the contour of a woman’s behind. The next thing you know your son will be zooming in on it and sharing it with everyone … at church.

Anyway, we pulled in the garage and he asked me to look at what he’d created. He happened to open my new camera app and figured out how to take a video. He asked me if I could guess what he was saying (because he did it as ‘quietly as possible’) but he couldn’t help himself and blurted it out. I’ll let you watch and see if you can tell why he makes my heart melt.

Sorry my kid’s face is super-sized.

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