lil’ miss sassafras

I have this little buddy. Her name is Maya and she recently celebrated her third birthday. I’ve been following her (quite literally) since she was born as her mom is really good about capturing her at each milestone age. That’s a lesson for this mom who is not so good about doing that. 

But, back to Maya. Until this very birthday, and even up until just shy of three months ago, she’s hated my camera. I used to think it was me, but now I’m quite sure it’s my camera. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

She would see me and immediately go into ‘no-I-will-not-look-or-smile-at-you-crazy-lady’ mode. I encouraged her, made funny faces at her, begged her and even bought a special giraffe hair tie thing to put on my lens in the hopes that she would just start to like me my camera.

Well apparently, turning three can change things. We met up a couple weeks ago at the museum to celebrate her milestone and she finally likes me my camera. She really likes me my camera! She likes it so much, in fact, that she now officially poses. And it’s a good thing that she’s gotten this pose down because I can finally share just how much spunk this little sweet tart has. Even her mom (who I’m quite certain has been a part in shaping her to fit this title) refers to her as ‘Sassafras’.


That’s the other thing about this shoot and this family that I hope comes through in the photos. Since Miss Sassafras’ last session, they’ve welcomed another bundle of joy, Mr. Benjamin, into the mix. Benny boo boo boo boo (as I like to call him) is just the sweetest little man. But, what I see with this family is how photos can be such a visual representation of two people who met and fell in love and then made two beautiful children out of love and their faces and their actions just literally burst with pride (and love) over these two children. Meet Miss Sassfras and her family.

And Maya? I’m super happy you like me now. Thanks for holding my hand, even if it was just because you were afraid of that silly dinosaur.

4 thoughts on “lil’ miss sassafras

  1. This warms my heart – thanks so much for, as always, capturing our crazy family in beautiful footage. Little Miss Sassafras has a mind all her own now and I am so glad she’s finally taken to the camera 😉 and Ben … Love how innocent and sweet he looks next to his big sister! Mwah! Thank you again. Love you!

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