in search of vitamin d

Happy March. Or, as we like to say in Michigan, “Happy March. Wait, is it March? Where is the grass? Will this snow ever melt? I’m cold.”

This winter has been an interesting one. It’s been so cold, so snowy and so blowy that having school has become abnormal and 21° feels downright balmy. 

So when the opportunity arose to take a quick trip to southern comfort, i.e. Florida, I decided it was not only a good idea but also necessary. My sanity may have even depended on it. Or at least that’s what my cat said. I’ll let you stew on that one.

I don’t fly by myself often so the butterflies set in Friday as I headed south and west to Chicago. I know, for some that sounds ridiculous. ‘Staci, you’re 29 years old. How hard is it to get on a plane?’ It’s not. I just don’t do it all that often. I prefer to travel in pairs so at least I know who I’ll be sitting by in a tight space for several hours and who may need my assistance when the oxygen masks fly down from the ceiling.

The good news is I sat by lovely people and was also treated to a fantastic view of a (mostly) frozen Lake Michigan. Don’t tell anyone at Delta how bizarre-o it is to fly from Chicago to Minneapolis to get to Florida because I appreciated the detour.


I was fortunate enough to have a driver when I arrived in Orlando. Thanks, cad. We didn’t get in until just after two making for a long day. Thankfully, when I woke up Saturday morning (four hours later thanks to a text from my dipstick sister), I opened the curtains to an amazing view of the (completely ‘un’frozen) Gulf of Mexico.

You know what was awesome? I had no plans. None. And because my awesome mom was so considerate on Friday and thought ahead about how late we would be, I had breakfast ready for me in the fridge as well. We spent the day walking and laying on the beach. Oh, and we went to dinner and watched the sunset. I know trying to tackle four activities might seem difficult, but I promise, it wasn’t.

IMG_2072_FB IMG_2065_FB


And, would you be surprised to hear Sunday was much the same? Well, mostly. I ran in the morning which was absolutely necessary given I have a race coming up. And then after laying on the beach a good portion of the day, we drove up to Clearwater and took in the crazies sunset there. I love Clearwater. I don’t love Clearwater as much on college spring break. Neither does my dad, the poor driver. It sure was pretty, though.

IMG_2111_FB IMG_2123_FB IMG_2138_FB IMG_2141_FB IMG_2150_FB IMG_2161_FB IMG_2168_FB IMG_2189_FBIMG_2186_FB IMG_2211_FB IMG_2233_FB IMG_2237_FB

Thankfully, my last day of vitamin D restoration did not disappoint. The hardest part of the day was when I had to put on real clothes to go pick up a rental car (which, by the way was quoted at nearly $150 until the rep knew he was losing my business and it suddenly dropped to $33.05. My, how availability does change quickly.) so I could make my way across the state first thing Tuesday morning.

IMG_2246_FB IMG_2255_FB IMG_2259_FB IMG_2264_FB IMG_2278_FB IMG_2279_FB IMG_2292_FB IMG_2310_FB The best part about the trip? These two. They let me crash their otherwise quiet vacation so I could recharge and I’m forever grateful. IMG_2275_FB

Next month? The whole darn clan is going to find our way back to the Sunshine State for a week of adventure. Maybe that’s why they planned this preliminary vacation for the two of them three of us? At least we can count on coming back to the mitten in warmer temps in April, right? Right?!

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