meet mason

I’ve known Kyle for almost forever. I’m hard-pressed to believe he’s an adult human being because I just don’t feel like I’m that much older than him, but alas, he’s doing all of the really cool things some adult human beings do. I also have enough of a memory to recall when Kyle would share about his relationship with Stephanie when he was in my post-high school group at church. It seemed like they were so perfectly suited and then as soon as I knew it, they were getting married. And I was all, ‘I’d love to shoot your wedding! Can you please make it 98,000 degrees that day? Yes? Deal.’

That was two summers ago. Aren’t just they just presh?


They welcomed a sweet little bundle of unbelievable joy this summer. Meet Mason. He was just perfect at our little session in their home. Kyle and Stephanie are both in love and I was mama-style proud as I watched them love on their sleepy, chill, mini Spartan fan.

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