maddie | class of 2015

I feel so fortunate to have spent time with such lovely ladies during the ‘oh crap, i need to get my senior photos done!’ season. I’m just kidding about that last part. Sort of.

It really makes my role very simple when the girls are also absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate when I get such sweet compliments on the photos I take because it’s a true love of mine, but the photos aren’t a reflection of me. They’re the reflection of these beauties. And I’m just thankful they want me to capture this very special time for them (even if all of their first picks were already busy). Kidding again. 

I also would have to say that part of the process involves helping these young women actually realize, like really realize, that they are that.gorgeous. Maddie is another one of my favorites. She’s really hard to describe, but I just adore her. I think she’s just beautiful in such a unique way and that’s my favorite thing about her. She’s beyond her years in many ways … an old soul, if you will.

Her shoot was super special to me because her parents asked me to take the photos. That’s not outside the norm, but her dad is an amazing photographer, like amazing. I would frequently beg him for advice when I was just figuring out some of the buttons on my camera and he was always patient and kind and I appreciated it. So, for him to feel confident enough in me to take photos of his daughter meant more than I can describe.

So, here’s Maddie. She brought props. I told her I don’t know what to do with props but I think they worked out nicely. Love you, girl!

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