the gift of girl time

You know what’s funner than fun? Taking a two+ hour drive with a couple of girlfriends into the city for an overnight adventure. With no real agenda.

A couple weeks ago now, Kammy, Jill and I did just that. I had asked them back around the holidays if we could just spend some time together in the coming months. I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to give as a gift aside from time. I’m actually stunned that we found a weekend so soon to be able to hit the road, and although it was cold, we showed that wind these three country girls could hang.

We took our time getting there, i.e. I drove all of the side roads I could find just because. Once we arrived at our swanky hotel, we bundled freshened up and decided to head towards the giant ferris wheel at Navy Pier … because everyone does that. in the winter. when it’s 23 degrees. Of course we grabbed a bite and a coffee first. Well, I got coffee. I don’t know what their problem was.

The ferris wheel was protected with plexiglass around the edges so the ride was actually awesome. It really was a beautiful day and not all that windy.

IMG_2350_web IMG_2352_web IMG_2353_web

Thankfully, the shops and botanical garden were open so we could warm up prior to our next stop. I don’t know why Jill acts so innocent. She’s not.

IMG_2355_web IMG_2359_web IMG_2360_web

After the Pier, we got coffee. I guess that would be more coffee for myself. But that also meant I had the opportunity to use the facilities at the Inter Continental. It’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to a room there.

And then the shopping began. We hit up several stores and I was peer pressured into buying a couple jackets before we agreed we should wander over to the John Hancock building to take a look over the city. The lights were beautiful and it just made perfect sense. Well. We get up there and decide, ‘wouldn’t it be cool if?’ we bought tickets to go on Tilt. If you aren’t aware, Tilt is a new … feature? that allows visitors to peer out over the city in a very new and unique way. We apparently snagged the last tickets for the evening (#winning) and after we each took a deep breath and prayed we wouldn’t die, we stepped on the platform. It was one of the coolest things. Ever. They wouldn’t let you use a camera of any kind so no pics from that fresh angle. Sorry, folks.

IMG_2364_web IMG_2374_webWhat that did allow us to see was that there was an ice rink up top of a building. It looked like The Peninsula hotel so we headed over to Banana Republic (in the same building) and asked them if they knew what was on the roof. None of the sales associates knew there was an ice rink directly.above.their.heads. #isthatweird?

So, we did what any crazy old ladies would do and walked right into The Peninsula and found our way over to the ice rink. That isn’t ice. A nice young man of 8ish years shared with us that it was just a rubber type surface but I assure you there were a number of kids skating (with real skates) on the rubber stuff. Mind.blown.

We left the stuffy hotel (and I only say stuffy because a couple of women who are slightly older than we are literally (literally) cut us off to get in the elevator. Naturally, because we’re brats, Kammy and I talked to each other using their silly accent. It was only silly because it wasn’t real. I’m sure of it.

Of course at this point we were hungry from all of that tilting and mockery so we found a great steak place to grab a bite. I was provided one of the largest salads I’d ever seen and did my best best to eat every bite. Staci doesn’t share her food.

When we woke up far too early the next morning, we got our winter gear back on and headed out for breakfast at a place I’d wanted to try the last time I was in town but 1) I was with Connor and 2) it was going to be a decent wait so I opted out because see 1). We waited for about 30 minutes but seriously. I may never have had a breakfast of this caliber in my entire life. Ever. Never ever ever. I am so thankful for that breakfast. I still think about it a little as I’m sure Kammy does. Hello, berry bliss pancakes. Let’s just say we all wished we’d worn our elastic pants that day.

The girls and I wanted to visit the bean aka Cloud Gate before we left. Or maybe it’s Cloud Gate aka the bean? I don’t care. It looks like a bean. It was dirty. So, photos weren’t ideal but it was still adorable. We also stumbled upon the real ice rink just below. We believe it was real anyway. No one confirmed.

As we walked back down Michigan Ave., we saw a bull outside and although I can’t recall whose idea it was originally, Jill was a good sport and hopped on. As people walked up, I pretended we were doing a photo shoot and I may have mentioned she would be on the cover with that photo. The passersby were noodling how they could get on as well so we definitely started something. You’re welcome, Chicago.

IMG_2377_web IMG_2384_web IMG_2387_web

And because Jill is a good mom, we stopped in at American Girl where I counted my many blessings that I have a son and we were soon on our merry way back to Michigan.

I don’t know how they felt, but for me? I felt so fortunate to have people that will actually engage in silly activities that make me laugh like a crazy woman. I mean, my favorite part of the entire trip was going through nearly (only a couple didn’t work out) every.single revolving door with all three of us in one partition. And it was funny every time. I’m #blessed, yo.

1 thought on “the gift of girl time

  1. What a great piece about the lightness of friendship and connection. I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog. It connected to what I was thinking about and blogging about just now. Also, love the sarcasm/teasing about your friends. Great voice.

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