the birthday girl

I feel like I have to apologize because everyone my friend Doug keeps asking for more about Guatemala, but today? Well, today it will have to wait. Instead, it’s a time for a different kind of celebration.

So, April just happened. I wouldn’t have known except man friend switched his calendar and I saw his daughter’s birthday perfectly noted (he has the best penmanship. so handsome. #squirrel) and I thought, ‘holy man! what happened to april?’ Because it all happened so quickly. Right?

My mom celebrated a milestone of sorts in April. We won’t talk specifically about said milestone except that it’s of the birthday variety and it rhymes with schmixtyclive.

I was worried she would be bummed everyone was out and about on her special day (a Monday of all days), but when I got home that evening I saw literally the sweetest note in all the world sitting on the counter.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 8.56.00 PM

The two lovebirds who spend nearly every waking moment together these days had gone out to dinner at Clementine’s, one of their favorites out in South Haven. And mom referred to dad as her ‘Best Guy.’ I mean, honestly, what more could a girl possibly want on her birthday but her man friend true love and some good french onion soup?

We were able to celebrate this past Sunday as our whole clan gathered for a ridiculous volume of food, laughs and love. I know it’s exactly what my mom wanted … that, and the dinosaur participation-style ribbon Connor found for her. It simply stated, ‘survivor.’ It’s hard to articulate how hard CJ and I laughed about his find. I couldn’t help but say, ‘why of course, it’s perfect.’ #bestmomever

Nikki attempted to light <air quotes>the number of candles we would need</airquotes>, but as I am all too well aware, there are some rather sensitive smoke detectors in this joint and it might not have been a wise choice. Instead, she fit as many as she could on that tiny gluten free cake and sang the birthday song to our beloved mom, grandma and friend.


Here’s the thing. I’ve never seen my mom so relaxed and peaceful as she’s been since she officially began leaving her high heels in the closet. I couldn’t be happier for this new phase of life she’s entered and I know her grands are all the better for it as she’s still an absolutely freaking beautiful and vibrant young(ish) woman.

I mean, after all, everyone knows the song about staci’s mom …

Happy SchmixtyClifth Birthday, gma. We love the crap right out of you and can’t wait to hear of you and your best guy’s most amazing adventures in the year ahead.

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