wordless wednesday

Raise your hand if you all love storms as much as I do! (you can put it down now.) When I was little, my dad quite literally scared the crap out of me when we had a tornado warning. He made me stand outside and I’m certain a funnel cloud was a foot above each of our heads while the flag turned completely around the pole. Because there was no good reason in all of anything to hang out longer, I ran outside vowing never to leave the house again. Hey, I was young. 

But now? I stand outside just like my dad did (but not in a tornado warning, folks. that’s just dumb.) I even performed a rain dance tonight (you’re welcome, Hopkins!). And guess what else? I make Connor sit with me. He doesn’t love storms but as soon as I talked to him about lightning and how to take photos of it, he forgot all about that fear and decided he would try his hand at it with his phone. And he did great! And in like, thirty years when he has his first child, he’ll take him/her outside too so they can do the same. It’s really just a gift that keeps on giving. At no cost. #stormchasers #cheapgiftgiver


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