haleigh | class of 2019


Seniors are just my favorite. Young, old … I don’t care. I love them. But my biggest soft spot is for the high school types. There is something about seeing each unique personality bubble up to the surface during the course of our time. It makes my heart the happiest.

I had the opportunity to not only spend a few hours with my second cousin, Haleigh, but also her wicked cool mom and dad and the very fabulous first time-assistant, Connor.

We met up near Lansing on a Saturday not long ago that saw rain, high winds and just enough open skies and sunshine to make for a beautiful shoot. Well, really, she made it beautiful. The open skies and great backdrop only helped amplify this sweet and lovely young lady.

Haleigh, you are an amazing human being. I so appreciate you choosing me to share in this super special part of your life with you. Never forget who made you well, you. Because He doesn’t screw up and every time I get to hang out with someone like you, I become more confident in that. I pray you continue to grow into what He created you to be. I can’t wait to see what your future holds.

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