william | class of 2021

Goodness gracious it’s been a minute. Hi, how are you? Me? Ummm, how long do you have? I’ll just say that I have so many swirly twirly thoughts that I haven’t been able to cobble any one thing together into something I think may be worth sharing, but tonight? I just want to share some William.

First, I can’t talk about William without talking about Kate. Now, before you go thinking I know royalty, these are different folks. But, to me, this crew is so much more. I’ve talked about Kate before and I’ll keep that story there for the sake of brevity but know that Kate holds nothing short of hero status to me and her two kiddos Celia and William follow closely behind.

Regardless of how well I know someone, I consider it an honor when someone asks me to capture moments for them in photos. I know there are many (many) photographers and I know that I’m not for everyone. I also know that there is little more important to me than sharing back that piece of time I was able to spend with someone. I do my very best to catch what isn’t immediately visible from what many consider a simple photograph. I aim to grab personality, spirit and soul in a still and tell a little story. It isn’t easy, but it’s something I take pride in. And I feel like that night with William, we got him. And I’m just thankful Kate and Celia were along for the ride. I also want to state, for the record, Celia came because she thinks I’m cool. That alone made the entire night worth it for me. Oh, and the Water Street decaf americano. I’m also willing to wager that Andy was standing behind me making faces the entire time. Because he would have.

William. You’re incredible. You are a dare devil! You are afraid of little. You are handsome as heck. You’re talented. You’re kind and respectful. You’ve accomplished much. And you’ve conquered more. And I have a feeling you’re going to change the world. Because you already are. I’m still sorry about the light, too. I also truly appreciate the clothes you handed off to Connor that you didn’t know about. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of celebrating you.

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